CASIO FX-991EX Advanced Engineering/Scientific Calculator – Best A-Level Maths Scientific Calculator

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The best A-Level Maths Scientific Calculator and GCSE of course 😉

Are you thinking of/already doing A-Level Maths? Get ahead of your education and purchase the most essential item for the course!

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● The UK’s best-selling advanced Scientific calculator.
● Especially recommended for advanced GCSE, a/as level and higher.
● Replaces the old Casio fx-991es Plus
● 552 Mathematical functions
● Solar powered with battery backup
● Please note that this product (barcoded 4549526603327) is the genuine FX-991EX Scientific calculator from Casio and approved for use within the UK
● Equation, matrix, Vector, inequality, probability and complex number calculations
● Qr code function
● Slide-on protective hard cover included


This is by far the best A-Level Maths Scientific Calculator!


1 Easy and intuitive operability

Intuitive and interactive operation makes it easy to use the features of ClassWiz.
By the use of icons, the selection of the desired function is quick and easy.

Visual, interactive and textbook-based displays make operation easier for teaching the use of scientific calculators, so you can concentrate on teaching mathematics.


2 Essential functions for learning all in one

A wide range of essential functions is effective for education and available to support student’s learning.


3 Simple and quick calculations

Simple keystrokes and visualized formulas make calculations faster.
Fast calculation for smooth performance in class or during examinations.


4 Extensive and advanced service using QR Code

Generate QR Codes of equations input into the calculator by a simple operation.
Graphs and other information can be displayed on smartphone or tablet screens.


5 Quality Authentic quality

Excellent quality and authentication ensure confidence and peace of mind for use in educational settings.


6 Premium content

A variety of original CASIO content is available to make learning mathematics fun.

Users can access this content by registering after the authentication check.


Statistics, data analysis, probability, and spreadsheets are all now within the realm of possibility…


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